SINA : volume.axe.lungs 
KEVIN HARDICUS : rumble.growl 
KEVIN SWARTZ : battery 

A long road has twisted BOTTOM into its current, carnivorous form and the reincarnation is more amazing and dynamic than ever. One of the original and only all-female stoner rock bands, BOTTOM is known for marathon tours, playing multiple shows a day, 300+ shows a year. Spawned from the fiery depths of New York City's Lower East Side, BOTTOM is currently headquartered in San Francisco. While both sound and lineup evolve, BOTTOM remains a heavy, heavy metal band. 

Lead by guitarzan and volume-addicted songwriter, Sina is a mosh-head with monster riffs, guitar likened to Greg Ginn and vocals to Staley, Plant and a velociraptor. Moving to NYC to pursue art in 1992, Sina is a Chicago-land native. Landing in NYC's Lower East Side, Sina worked as a studio assistant for female activist/artist MaryBeth Edelson, Ralph Lauren, big advertising as well as played in the NYC Lower East Side bands Wanna, Racer17 and Spee-doe while also working as Studio Manager for The Rolling Stones Mobile (Loho Studios). Sina has also been guest vocal on random projects such as MojoJelly and Toilet Boys. Playing violin since the age of two with the Suzuki method, Sina's current weapons of choice are Gibson Les Pauls and a stack of amps. Her recent projects include vocals for deathmetal band Angrböda, video editing, green event production as well as being a founding member of the all-female Led Zeppelin tribute, Zepparella

BOTTOM's rhythm section consists of bassist Kevn Hardicus and drummer, Kevin Swartz. Yes, a band with two Kevins! (aka Kevin & Kevn). Sina met Kevn Hardicus playing in the Bay Area deathmetal band Angrboda in 2005. Kevn is a San Francisco native with local projects including the 90's Bay Area dirge band, The Pale Horse and various cover bands. Not just your average bass player, Kevn's a skilled guitarist and piano player. He's worked at A&M Studios/LA, Polygram/NYC and as a music teacher/director at James Monroe High School in South Broinx, New York. Currently, his music outreach includes producing inner city foster kids in SF and oakland. Drummer Kevin Swartz joined BOTTOM in 2011, most recently playing drums with Archer, Burning Monk, Infinite Waste and Forgotten Gods. In a recent interview, Sina quotes “Swartz is an incredible addition to the BOTTOM family. He’s has a relentless double-kick, sticks of thunder and a natural sense of hard groove. While we know Swartz originally hails from Oregon and he’s been a drum student under Mike Vanderhule (Y&T, Montrose, SoulMotor) and Jimmy DeGrasso (Megadeth, Ozzy, Suicidal Tendencies), we’ve been wondering 'where the hell he’s been?' It seems like I’ve been awaiting his arrival forever. I’m truly pleased in the direction our riffs can go.” 

In 2014: BOTTOM will released latest Long Player, Hug Myself…All the Time. Originally planned for a 2009 release, this record dropped in 2014 after an epic saga of line-up changes, witches, babies, near death combat, a stint of blindness and people jumping out of burning buildings. “Hug Myself…All the Time” is co-produced by Sina and legendary engine-ear/producer Billy Anderson (Mr. Bungle, Neurosis, Sleep, Melvins, HighOnFire). "This long awaited release is a nod to our stonerrock roots, but takes it further, harder, darker. The riffs are massive. It has large beautiful parts and thrashes all at the same time! I can't wait till it's out!” says Sina. This album is yet again the masterful studio creation of BOTTOM and Billy Anderson, even crediting Billy as the fifth Beatle – he did jump out of a burning building with the only copy after all! 

BOTTOM is currently booking West Coast shows and writing riffs for the next thrashing album.

In 2012, BOTTOM released MMXII. The five song EP, MMXII, is a live recording that features a couple metal thrashers as well as one of BOTTOM’s 1999 “Made in Voyage” classics re-vitalized by the new lineup. This EP is emotional, bold and just a mere taste of what to look forward to from the current outfit.

BOTTOM's debut, Made in Voyage, was recorded in NYC, produced by Greg Gordon (engineer for Slayer, Helmet, and Public Enemy) and released in 1999 on the band's label Mudflap Records. After launching their first European invasion in 2002, BOTTOM returned stateside preparing for their next release. BOTTOM's second LP, Feels So Good When You're Gone, was also co-produced by Billy Anderson. Originally release in 2001 on artist Frank Kozik's label, Mans Ruin Records, the later re-issued by Lee Dorrian's (Cathedral) UK label Rise Above Records. Spinning a sinister tale in a glamorous apocalypse, Feels so Good When You're Gone is thick with monster riffs, killer hooks and simultaneously makes your ears bleed while your doomed heart leaps with joy.

You'rNext is BOTTOM's third offering. This experimental album, released by Small Stone Records in 2005 features Sina's signature voluminous feedback passages as well as the unexpected violin, trumpet and flute embedded in rock tracks. You'rNext is a dark folktale that twists and turns like an old saw wiseacre then digs into your head like a ritual from the Book of the Dead. Delivered with all the subtlety of the Grim Reaper, You'rNext tells a gypsy lie using minor chords, soul piercing howls and guitar tones that circle like ravenous buzzards.

BOTTOM has participated in various compilations including High Times Magazines 'High Volume' (Clutch, Corrosion Of Conformity, Nebula, High On Fire) and Live at Continental "Best of NYC" Volume 2 (The Ramones, D-Generation, H2O, Murphy's Law ). BOTTOM mutli-media sound and song credits include X-games, various MTV's Reality TV shows and SFMOMA Artist Galleries 2012 SIN & REDEMPTION exhibit. In 2011 Sina and Kevn worked with Los Angeles filmmaker Malika Ali and scoring the feature film Mouse Ward: The Amitriptyline Experiment. The film and touring art exhibition features compositions by Sina and Kevn, Spee-doe and (predominately) BOTTOM songs. The touring exhibit has appeared in Santa Monica, Los Angeles and Cleveland. The film has been presented at the Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival with generous support from Cleveland City Council.

BOTTOM's explosive live show has devoured venues from Vancouver to Croatia, sharing stages with hundreds of rock-outfits including: AFI, AlabamaThunderPussy, AlienAntFarm, AcidKing, Action Daddy (ex-Crash Worship), Axewound, Backyard Babies, BellRays, Black Halos, Blessing the Hogs, Buzzov*n, Buckcherry, Cannibal Corps, Candy Snatchers, Crisis, Cosmic Psychos, Cutthroats-9 (ex-unsane), Doro, Electric Wizard, The Fall, Everlast, Drivin'n'Cryin', H2O, Hank Williams Jr. III, Heroine Sheiks, High On Fire, HonkyToast, Hirax, Hornss, Jucifer, Joey Ramone and the Independents, Leadfoot, Lenny Kaye, Los Natas, Las Cruces, Ludicra, Lunachicks, Nashville Pussy, Nebula, Nile, Mastodon, Mike Watt, Misfits, MonsterMagnet, Murphy's Law, Pansy Divison, PigmyLoveCircus (w/ Danny Carey), PORN, Raging Slab, Rancid, Rollins Band, Sister Sin, Speedealer, Spirit Caravan, Suicide Kings, Step Kings, 60 Watt Shaman, 311, Toilet Boys, Trouble, and WisdomTooth The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black, Unida, YOB, Zepparella and more.

BOTTOM proudly smashes, blows up, breaks, and explodes: Gibson, Marshall, D'Addario, Ampeg and DW. 

Bolt down your prized possessions, double test the fire detector--- the BOTTOM is rising and coming to a town near you!

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