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After an epic saga of line-up changes, witches, babies, a near death combat, a stint of blindness and people jumping out of burning buildings-- it's finally here. “Hug Myself…All the Time” is co-produced by Sina and legendary engine-ear/producer Billy Anderson (Mr. Bungle, Neurosis, Sleep, Melvins, HighOnFire). "This long awaited release is a nod to our stonerrock roots, but takes it further, harder, darker. The riffs are massive. It has large beautiful parts and thrashes all at the same time! I can't wait till it's out!” says Sina. This album is yet again the masterful studio creation of BOTTOM and Billy Anderson, even crediting Billy as the fifth Beatle – he did jump out of a burning building with the only copy after all!  

Hug Myself...All the Time






2012 BOTTOM EP MMXII ! we hope you dig. 


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